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Your best bet here is to create cardboard cutouts the sames size as your batteries, and then see what configuration will work best. Cuts done on moving around large heavy batteries. I was able to use some some 1 inch steel from lowes and come up with some pretty steady battery mounts.

So far, I cleaned out the basement and collected a pile of stuff for charity. I baked a bunch of treats. I cut the grass and re worked my gardens. In a Web enabled world, it should be harder for careless or unscrupulous businesses to exploit consumers. Yet recent studies suggest that online reviewing is hardly a perfect consumer defense system. Researchers at Yale, Dartmouth and University of Southern California have found evidence that hotel owners post fake reviews to boost their ratings on the site and might even be posting negative reviews of nearby competitors..

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A night out doesn't have to break your budget. Have dinner at home with the kids, then have a baby sitter come for just two hours. Go out for dessert and coffee while the sitter does the work of putting the kids to bed. For faithful and faithless alike, The Shack may seem stupid, laughable, blasphemous, poorly acted and totally banal. And yet there are probably worse things than being told it's righteous to forgive and that love is good. As Andrew Garfield's spiritually shaken Father Rodrigues puts it in Scorsese's Silence, surveying newly Christianized Japanese peasants drawn clamouring over gaudy graven images of Christ, "I worry they value these poor signs of faith more than faith itself.

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