Rigel The Last Guardian: A Mysterious Planet
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Rigel The Last Guardian: A Mysterious Planet

7-9 tahun

Rigel, an eight years old boy, lives in a simple family. He's a smart kid, although sometimes a bit clumsy. However, he is not a completely human child. There is something hidden inside him. It all started when Rigel was playing happily in the warm sunshine, until a strange event changed his whole life. Beyond the mysterious forest, Rigel discovered a fantastic planet, the likes of which no one had ever imagined.

However, the presence of evil monsters threatens the life of the planet. Time is almost up. Rigel must fight monsters to protect the planet. He needed some friends to help him, but what kind of friends? Can Rigel save the mysterious planet?

Author : DeLiang Al-Farabi
Price : Rp 65,000
Category : FICTION
Page : 106 halaman
Format : E-Book
Size : 13 X 19
ISBN : 00000
Publication :

Once there was a humble family with a young eight year-old boy. He was smart, but sometimes he could be a bit incautious.
His appearance was not like other humans. Something hidden inside shone in his transcendent features.
Things were quite normal until a single bizarre event changed his whole life ...
What is it?
He encounters an unimaginable world in a mysterious forest where he finds a fantastic planet.
He has to fight iniquitous, dangerous monsters who want to destroy the peaceful, amiable world in that mysterious place.
But how can he help this unearthly planet?