50 Poems for Joy and Hope
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50 Poems for Joy and Hope

14-16 tahun

Have you ever felt like you needed
a friend to talk to?

Many times, there are difficult things in life that are left unspoken. Many times many people do not understand what you may be going through.

This set of 50 poems in the book is my collection of writings that will brighten your day and accompany you like a friend.

Author : Bryna Budiman
Price : Rp 115,000
Category : POETRY
Page : 112 halaman
Format : Hard Cover
Size : 11 X 15.5
ISBN : 00000
Publication :
2 months ago
Aku udah baca buku ini... Suka banget sama puisi-puisi di dalam buku ini, kyk relate sama apa yg aku rasain skrg ini dimana ngerasa susah buat ngungkapin perasaan sendiri ke siapapun :" Trus ilustrasinya juga gemes dan aesthetic bangeettšŸ„°šŸ„°
Bryna Budiman
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