Our Group

Our Group

The Gramedia Book Publishing Group is part of Kompas Gramedia Corporation. Along with Kompas—publishers of the largest nationwide newspaper in Indonesia with an audited daily circulation of over 600,000 copies—other members of Kompas Gramedia include regional newspapers, Gramedia Magazines, Gramedia Bookstores, Gramedia Printers, Sonora Radio Stations, Multimedia Nusantara University, as well as Santika Hotels and Resorts. Gramedia Book Publishing releases over 5,000 new titles annually and twenty million copies are sold nationwide through Gramedia Bookstores and other chains, along with independent bookstores, supermarkets, and newsagents. Our books are available on the Internet at www.gramedia.com, www.grazera.com or www.amazon.com. Our digital books are available on www.gramediana.com or www.getscoop.com.

PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama (Gramedia)

Although our first title appeared in 1973, Gramedia/GPU was established in 1974 as a general trade publisher. We publish a wide selection of books that have become more varied over the years. Besides our original titles, we also pursue foreign copyrights for translation and adaptation. We have established relationships with more than 200 overseas literary agents and publishers. Gramedia/GPU covers fiction and nonfiction children’s books, young adult, novels, graphic novels, Indonesian language and literature, English language teaching, dictionaries, cookbooks, history, sociology, philosophy, politics, health, interior design, fashion, and self-help. Our new fiction genres, teenlit and metropop, have become bestsellers, and we have sold translation rights for many of our books to Malaysia, Japan, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Visit: www.gramediapustakautama.com

PT Elex Media Komputindo (Elexmedia)

Founded in 1985 as the new technologies advanced, Elexmedia began publishing books and periodicals on computers and electronics. Since then we have expanded into Japanese manga, which have proven very popular, along with Indonesian comics. Today Elexmedia also publishes management and children’s books, and software and multimedia. We have a specific unit that develops software for multimedia, and is designed to maintain educational software. Elexmedia is also involved in electronic publishing. Over 2,800 new books are published annually, and we lead the market in comics and books on computers and software. For foreign rights, we have established strong relationships with publishers in Japan, Korea, Germany, USA, and the Netherlands. Visit: www.Elexmedia.co.id

PT Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia (Grasindo)

Grasindo was founded in 1990, the same year as the National Act on Education was established in Indonesia. Our first publications were textbooks for kindergarten, elementary, high school, and university students. As the need for teaching and educational materials has grown, we have developed books of traditional folktales, children’s songs by prominent Indonesian composers, and games and how-to for children. We have also expanded our list to include educational reference books, Indonesian literary fiction, and religious texts. Visit: www.grasindo.co.id

Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia (KPG)

Since our founding in 1996, KPG has specialized in publishing books on science, the humanities, and literature. Our emphasis is on the virtues of open-mindedness, critical and scientific thinking, as well as promoting learning. The mission of KPG is to publish books that expand horizons and push the boundaries of knowledge. We believe book publishing should serve the general public as a catalyst for enlightenment. At KPG, we follow our commitment by providing accessible and enjoyable books so their message can have a greater impact. Our books include comics, popular fiction, and nonfiction. Visit: www.penerbitkpg.com

m&c! Comics (m&c!)

Starting in the 1980s as Komik Majalah, m&c! has published many titles licensed from numerous overseas publishers. Among the most popular are the Nina series from Holland, the Tiger Wong kung fu series from Hong Kong. As the interest in Japanese manga grew in Indonesia during the 1990s, m&c! began publishing manga as well. We are now known as one of the leading comic book publishers. Today our list has a wide range of international comic books from Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, and the USA. Our mission is to help build an intelligent and creative generation, and we present high quality comic books from international publishers to further this goal. To support our mission, we also publish comics from Indonesia’s many talented artists. Visit: www.mnc-comics.com


The International Marketing division of Gramedia Book Publishing Group and Kompas Gramedia Corporation represents Gramedia Pustaka Utama (Gramedia), PT Elexmedia Media Komputindo (Elexmedia), PT Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia (Grasindo), Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia (KPG), and m&c! Comics (m&c!). Our job is to promote and license our original titles abroad. Address and Contacts Kompas Gramedia Building Block I, 5th floor 29–37, Palmerah Barat, Jakarta 10270 Indonesia Phone: 62 21 5365 0110 ext. 3505, 3501 Fax: 62 21 530 0545 Yudith Andhika R.H. yudith@gramediapublishers.com, or Ester Ratih Dwihapsari ester@gramediapublishers.com www.gramediainternational.com

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